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Da Vinci's Donuts

Thursday Feb 12th, 2015

When you're a brand new company in a niche industry, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. With so many competitors, it's critical to communicate your company's specific points of differentiation - things that make you different or special compared to similar companies.

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Is Your Website Helping to Achieve Your Goals?

Friday Jan 23rd, 2015

Your website isn't just a sales tool. It's the "hub" of all your online and offline marketing activities and a reflection of your company's knowledge and expertise in your particular industry. Often times, it's the first touch point a customer - or potential customer - has with your business, and the first place they will begin to form opinions about you.

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Local Search Tactics for 2015

Thursday Oct 23rd, 2014

Adding a location to a search string makes it a local search, and there are more than four billion of them every month in the U.S. In fact, four out of every 10 searches on Google are local in nature. Why is this important for your business? Simply put: local searches drive sales.

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Manage Digital Marketing with Interactive Hat

Friday Sep 19th, 2014

As a business owner, you know the importance of promoting your products and services to increase awareness, interest, and ultimately, sales. You also know promotion is the first thing to get put on the backburner when sales are slow.

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Manage Projects Time, Scope & Budget

Thursday Jul 24th, 2014

Business projects can be a major source of stress. They typically involve a range of input from members in your organization and require you to adhere to strict budgets and deadlines. Regardless of how large of a project you’re undertaking and how many team members are involved, you can ensure the success of your project by following simple guidelines designed to help you stay organized, manage your time wisely, and prioritize tasks efficiently.

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Four Key Areas to Improving a websites SEO

Wednesday Jun 18th, 2014

More than six billion search queries are typed into Google every day by people looking for answers to questions, searching for products and services to make their lives easier, and trying to find solutions to problems. Its job - like any search engine - is to provide searchers with websites that offer the most relevant information based on the keywords they typed in, so they can find the information they need quickly.

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