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Werkbot Transforms

Is that Will Ferrell and Horatio Sanz?Hi, I’m Sean Fedorko. Some of you know me as the cofounder of Radius CoWork, some of you don’t know me at all, but I doubt any of you were expecting a Werkbot Blog from me. I want to tell you about where Werkbot is going and why I am joining the company on that journey.  

Jay Richardson and Brian Amick founded Werkbot Studios in 2004 to pursue their relative passions in development and design. Fueling those passions over the years required additional staff, facilities, and technology to provide the capabilities clients required. Jay and Brian approached that growth holistically. They methodically sought and added extraordinary talent who, like them, had a passion for making products that would improve their business and lives. Today, Werkbot Studios is one of the region’s most respected technology firms.  

During the last two years, I’ve been fortunate to observe Werkbot’s team, to occasionally learn from the founders’ management strategy, and have been continually impressed by the quality of their products. So, as Radius CoWork completed a significant stage of development (hiring our first community manager) I began discussing my next opportunities with peers that I admired - peers like Brian.

There are many opportunities in a resurging city like Erie, PA, but the one that attracted me most was the opportunity for Werkbot Studios to become known not just in the region but across the nation for exceptional digital marketing and software development. The more we spoke, the more excited we became about what we could create together. Now we’re making it happen and it comes at a perfect time.

As a digital marketing agency, Werkbot has leveraged two industry leaders in design and development to establish itself in the region. In order to become more, Werkbot needed someone to focus full-time on building the business. As the new director for business development, I’m committed full time to developing new markets, building partnerships, and planning growth strategies. And while that means Werkbot will become an even more impressive digital marketing agency and expand our completely in-house team, it also means we’ll be expanding into entirely new business ventures.

More than anything, the ethos of Werkbot is about enabling people to live well by perfecting and practicing their passion to create. We’ll be creating a lot in the next year. As we do, we’ll be looking for more ambitious people who are eager for opportunities to create. That means Werkbot will be competing in markets beyond Erie, exporting our digital products around the nation and possibly the world. But living well doesn’t mean forgetting about your community; it means sustaining the community that sustains you. So, you can expect to see Werkbot (and me personally) contributing to Erie’s revitalization.  

What about Radius? Oh, you’ll still see me there; you couldn’t drag me away from those incredible people. In fact, go to Full Circle and you'll read about Radius' new Community Manager. The big difference will be that now I can also enjoy working IN the coworking space as a member rather than just working ON the coworking space as a founder.

At Werkbot, we're the kind of people who are building great things (like Jeff McCullor, cofounder of Erie Ale Works). When we finish one thing we move right on to build the next great thing. Usually, those are websites, but more and more they're going to be other big projects. If you want to build something great, get a hold of us, we like people like you. 

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