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InnovaTel Website Redesign

InnovaTel Telepsychiatry is a company that launched in 2014 with the goal of helping reach more patients in underserved areas who are lacking quality, timely mental health care. It partners with psychiatrists and community-based mental health facilities across the country to help facilitate this process. Its main business objectives include building its team of qualified psychiatrists and increasing the number of mental health facilities it pairs psychiatrists with.

The website it initially launched with didn't support its business objectives. The most important space of its website was dedicated to addressing an end user, a patient that utilizes telepsychiatry as part of his or her mental health treatment. The positioning statement - the copy in that section of the homepage - says "Quality psychiatric care when you need it, where you need it. Only a secure connection away."  

The problem with this is that an end user isn't InnovaTel's target audience. The company isn't promoting its services to patients; it's goal is to secure new psychiatrists and community-based mental health facilities to help those end users. Addressing the end user, who isn't even part of the company's target audience, wasn't helping InnovaTel achieve its main business objectives. 

 In addition to not making the most of the first place visitors view when landing on the homepage, InnovaTel's first website lacked great content, including a visually appealing design, persuasive copy, and interactive components.  InnovaTel came to the conclusion that its website wasn't helping it accomplish its goals, and the next course of action needed to be a complete redesign. It engaged with Werkbot to assist it with this process, explaining the importance of connecting with the two segments of its audience - psychiatrists and mental health facilities.

Werkbot got to work right away, creating a new design and completely reorganizing the website. It focused on addressing its target audience with benefits-driven copy and imagery that would connect with them. The new homepage uses the primary space to communicate the company's mission, while the space below is geared to connect with the two segments of its target audience.

Not only is the new design more visually appealing, it helps users get from point A to B quickly and easily by addressing them specifically. Clinicians/psychiatrists can easily see where to go to get information on how they can benefit from joining InnovaTel's team. Likewise, partners - or community based mental health facilities - can quickly find where to go to get information about how InnovaTel can help their patients receive more timely, quality care. 

The new site is also more engaging. Psychiatrists who want to work with InnovaTel can fill out a form and upload their resumes to get started with the application process. Users can subscribe to InnovaTel's email list or check out the resources section, which features a wealth of information on telepsychiatry, why it works, and how to get started with implementation. The more useful a site is to your target audience, the more likely they are to engage and interact with it. 

InnovaTel's redesign took less than two months to complete, making it a painless process. The company's management team was extremely happy with the final results, and even happier that the site was ready in time for the shows and presentations it is participating in this spring.  

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