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Da Vinci's Donuts

When you're a brand new company in a niche industry, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. With so many competitors, it's critical to communicate your company's specific points of differentiation - things that make you different or special compared to similar companies. A killer website design and user-friendly functionalities is one way you can set your company apart from the rest and help convey why a potential customer should choose you over another company.

Da Vinci Donuts in Alpharetta, Georgia is a new donut and coffee shop that makes mini donuts and offers customers more than a dozen tasty toppings. They can choose from a unique Da Vinci creation, such as a cannoli or caramel apple donut, or they can create their own creative combinations using any toppings they like. The fun, artistic environment Da Vinci's creates not only puts customers in touch with their creative sides, it differentiates the company and sets it apart from other donut shops that only offer standard flavors and don't allow for customization.


When the company approached Werkbot to create a new website, it wanted to be sure the site would help communicate these points of differentiation to potential customers. It needed to look amazing and show visitors its extensive menu options and the variety of toppings available to create their own donuts, as well as highlight the fact that mini donuts are a "less-guilt" option compared to standard donuts.

The design focused on the use of high-quality photographs that would make website visitors' mouths water. When designing a new website, great, professional photos are often overlooked or passed up altogether, mostly because the process can be expensive and time consuming. However, they're absolutely critical to a top-notch website design, especially for companies selling products with a high visual appeal - like donuts! The goal is to make the product look so appealing visitors can't wait to get into the psychical store location to try it out. In Da Vinci's case, it decided it needed to feature an image of each of the items available on the menu to not only show the wide range of donuts available, but also to entice visitors to stop in.


The high-quality photographs of each item that Da Vinci's offers gives visitors much more than simple descriptions would provide, while the organization and design makes it simple for them to navigate through the site and find an item that appeals to them.

Is your website design highlighting your company's points of differentiation? If not, it may be time to consider a redesign. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you achieve the look and feel you want. 

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