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The Problem with Wearing Too Many Hats

Friday Apr 5th, 2019

Put a feather in your cap by partnering with an agency that can align with your organization's goals. Learn about Interactive Hat.

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Q & A with Laura Bell: Ringing in a Fresh Look at Creative Content

Wednesday Mar 13th, 2019

From setting up photography labs in Scotland to raising chickens at her homestead farm, Laura Bell has accumulated a multitude of skills and experiences that led her directly into Werkbot.

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Design For Trust

How to Build a Brand People Trust

Tuesday Feb 19th, 2019

Effective marketing doesn't rely on celebrities or coupons. To impact people's decisions, you need to demonstrate that you are worthy of their trust. 

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Brian Focusing

Manage In-House Marketing with A Little Help From Your Friends

Wednesday Feb 13th, 2019

Want to run your marketing in-house but don't have a full staff of lifetime experts? Hire a digital marketing agency as your dedicated consultancy to fill in the gaps and make up the backlog. 

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How Net Neutrality Affects Your Business’s Digital Presence

Friday Nov 23rd, 2018

Whether you’re a business owner or consumer, the end of Net Neutrality affects us all. So before we feel the pain, let's get out ahead of this thing and talk about marketing tactics.

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Chase Two Rabbits, You Lose Them Both, So Find Your Focus

Sunday Oct 7th, 2018

In digital marketing, you can either be a local generalist or a national specialist. At Werkbot, we specialize in manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and eCommerce.

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Q&A with Co-Founder & Creative Partner, Brian Amick

Saturday Sep 15th, 2018

Lead designer and veteran brand manager Brian Amick sits down to talk about designing great brands and designing a great business. 

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Successful Projects Start with a Scrupulous Proposal

Friday Aug 24th, 2018

We hear it all time, “Can you get this proposal to us by tomorrow?” Yes, we could. But trust us, you don’t want an expedited proposal. In fact, if you’re pricing out a project with multiple agencies, be weary of the bid that comes back the same day.

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Let's Talk Popups and Chat Boxes

Friday Jul 20th, 2018

Few digital marketing tools irritate customers quite like an intrusive popup. It’s the online equivalent to interrupting a conversation and then not leaving the room after you’ve annoyed everyone in it.

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The Power of a Good (Or Bad) Review

Friday Jun 22nd, 2018

What is it that really makes the sale of a product or service online? Is it quality? Hard to know from a browser. What about affordability? Eh, prices are good all over. Maybe availability?

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